​​Following the Japanese Moto Gymkhana training courses and in cooperation with JAGE ( Japanese Moto Gymkhana Association), our Moto Gymkhana courses give you very high levels of motorbike riding skills, enrich your knowledge and build your confidence and certainty. 

The course is given in two consecutive days, if you fully attend it you will be able to grant an official Moto Gymkhana course certificate approved by  JAGE, and you will be able to participate in Moto Gymkhana competitions.

Check our Events to know the Date and Place of our Moto Gymkhana courses. 

To book a course  fill out the registration Form and Pay the fees, than Email the payment certificate to : info@motogymkhana.me    

To rent a bike  for your course  fill out the form and pay the fees.

( you can proceed with one  payment for the total amount of the course and the bike rent ).                                                                       

 it is required during the course to have a well maintained bike and full safety gear

Note that when you attend the course you will get a free one year membership of our club, this will allow you to participate in our open days training, events and competitions.

Our moto gymkhana courses