Moto Gymkhana started in Japan in 1970. Motorcyclists use to informally compete together just for fun. Than the Motorbike manufacturers, tire manufacturers and other dealers were interested in the idea to increase their sales.  most of them became sponsors in Moto Gymkhana competitions.

Moto Gymkhana is nowadays an official and formal competition in many countries especially in Japan, Europe and USA. the competition has specific rules and characteristics starting from the course set up with color coded cones, to the time trials, the machines, the safety gear and all other criteria. 

Moto Gymkhana was founded in Middle East by François Salameh in March 2016 with the collaboration of the Japanese Moto Gymkhana Association ( JAGE). The first club was opened in Riyadh city - Saudi Arabia, and we are looking now to open many other clubs in all the Middle East countries, with the main purpose of teaching very high level of motorcycle riding techniques that can save your life in the daily street riding. as well it is a fun and adrenaline pumping game.

about us

Our specialties in Moto Gymkhana cover the following :

  • Moto Gymkhana courses for established and expert bikers.
  • Moto Gymkhana shows and events.
  • Moto Gynkhana competitions.